I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can….

I’ve been really quiet this week – I’d planned to do an announcement on Facebook and I’ve got a bunch of design projects in the pipeline, and I had gotten myself all geared up.  And then this happened:

NOT what my website is supposed to look like!

NOT what my website is supposed to look like!

Unfortunately, if you use any version of Internet Explorer except the few copies of IE8 that seem to have called a truce with my site, this is how you see eventsbyelisa.com.  Given the fact that I a) am not a programmer, b) am working from scratch, by hand, on the site programming, and c) have spent upwards of 100 hours on the website in the last two months, I am not amused.

Evidently it’s a translation issue with Internet Explorer, since other browsers seem to have little to no problems.  I used CSS – supposedly the web design standard – but now I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t.  When I used to build websites a lifetime ago I used tables extensively.  I recognize that if you’ve never built a website, those last two sentences could have been written in Greek – but trust me, I’m thisclose to having to rewrite everything on the site.  Which is another 30 or 40 hours at least.  I’ve got a couple of my way-more-talented-with-code-than-me friends working on a solution and I hope they can find a good one!

I feel like the Little Engine in that kids’ book – “I think I can, I think I can…”  I’m doing everything possible to not get discouraged.  Eventually I’ll have a beautiful site, I just know it!

In the mean time, if you know of anyone who needs a planner/designer/coordinator, you can send them to me!  Just make sure that they don’t use Internet Explorer….  :-/