Rock & Roll Elopement Shoot Featured on Poptastic Bride!!!

I haven’t featured this shoot yet, since I knew it was scheduled to run sometime soon on Poptastic Bride and they wanted exclusivity. ¬†So this might be your first look at it (unless you happened to see it on Facebook!). ūüôā

Back in late May, Desiree of Penny Blooms Floral Design and Alyssa of Hybrid Photography and I met up for dinner. ¬†Desiree had worked with us both and thought we’d get along well and wanted to introduce us. ¬†Sure enough, it was as though we’d known each other forever – just like when I first met Desiree, we couldn’t stop chattering about projects we’d do together!!!

Alyssa was planning to have a booth at a bridal show in early July and wanted to style the booth after a shoot, so we started throwing around ideas. I have to admit that our first idea had to be put on hold, as our venue didn’t work out during the time period we needed, but we had¬†so much fun creating this faux elopement!!!

I created the announcement (with a kind of graffiti-inspired vibe and lots of black!) and did a lot of the styling; Desiree did a ton of spray painting in addition to the florals (and you’ve never seen peonies like this!!); Ashley from Unbridled Beauty created a fun retro look with the makeup. ¬†Unique Vintage, Pettiskirt Style, Whole Foods Hillcrest, and Serendipity Party Shop rounded out our look (the latter the night before the shoot – thanks ladies!!!)¬†And of course Alyssa did a fantastic job with the photos! ¬†Our models (especially our “bride”!) were troopers, as it happened to be an extremely cold June morning at Centennial Park!!!

My favorite element, I have to admit, was the snack cake “wedding cake.” ¬†I’d been wanting to do something completely nontraditional for a while, and this was the perfect venue. ¬†We used a drum (that happened to have pink flames on it!) that I’d purchased for my husband’s classroom at a thrift store topped with an old record, and three different types of snack cakes stacked precariously on top of each other (thanks to judicious use of toothpicks!). ¬†I had waaaaay too much fun styling it!!!

Check out our whole feature on Poptastic Bride!

Rock & Roll Elopement Picnic Shoot Vendors:

Boho Glam Shoot Featured on Urban Style: The Wedding Network’s Blog!

I’m not sure if you caught it in the midst of all my posts and tweets about yesterday’s (fabulous!gorgeous!OMGamazing!) shoot, but on Saturday our Boho Glam Inspiration Shoot was featured on the blog for Urban Style: The Wedding Network!!!¬† This shoot is near and dear to my heart and I amthrilled that other people love it as much as those of us who actually created it!

The hardest part about designing – whether it be a shoot, a wedding, or just a party – is taking that deep breath just beforehand and trusting that everyone involved “gets” it.¬† It could go sideways – there’s no way I could actually be responsible for everything (I’m not a baker or florist, for example, and I’m a terrible photographer!!!).¬† So any time that a decent amount of design is involved in any event or photo shoot, trust is a huge factor.¬† Of course, it’s easy to trust when you have an excellent team – which we did! ūüôā

Please head over to Urban Style: The Wedding Network’s blog, and leave us some love!¬† The owner, Sara, is super duper nice (and asked me to submit more! EEE!!!) and works to connect wedding vendors socially (which sounds a bit weird, but think about how often we’re asked to recommend each other…¬† Networking = the ability to think “Hey, I have a couple who needs XYZ…¬† I wonder if Awesome Vendor I Met Last Month would be able to help?”) in addition to showcasing beautiful work!¬† I’m so happy to have been featured! ūüôā

Purple and Gold Boho Glam Inspiration Shoot 01*28*2012 Details:

Purple and Gold Boho Glam Inspiration Shoot, 01*28*2012

Warning!!! ¬†TONS of photos in this post. ¬†Please be patient and let it load… ¬†I promise they’re each more gorgeous than the next, so it’s totally worth it! ūüôā

I’ve already teased this wedding inspiration shoot once. ¬†And it’s been featured already on Ceremony Blog. ¬†And heavily on my website, along with the sites of most of the involved vendors. ¬†But I haven’t had the chance to fully blog it. ¬†And I’ve been wanting to.

I’m basically caught up with backlogged posts (now, two months after starting to post on a more regular basis!). ¬†But this one has been a long time coming.

Almost a year ago, Desiree from Penny Blooms Floral Design and I decided that we wanted to do a styled shoot together. ¬†We started discussing it in earnest in the Fall, and in December decided on a January 28th date. ¬†We originally had a completely different idea in mind. ¬†Eventually we’d like to see that one through, but at the time we couldn’t find all the pieces we’d hoped to use. ¬†So a week and a half before our scheduled shoot, we made the painful decision to cancel.

Only, we already had planned to do¬†something¬†that day. ¬†We’d already spoken with Iliana Morton Photography about taking pictures. ¬†And we had a lot of other ideas in our heads. ¬†Why not try to make something else happen?

So we sat together at one of our favorite restaurants (funnily enough, it was a favorite of both Desiree and I well before we met each other) and brainstormed.  The design flowed fast and easy, and we knew we had a good idea.

Our Boho Glam inspiration shoot was born.

In just a week and a half, we were able to organize the entire shoot, from rentals to makeup to the amazing dress provided by FreePeople… ¬†Let’s just say that things just fell into place. ¬†And working with Desiree was like sharing a brain with someone else. ¬†We disagreed (ever so slightly) on one single point (out of hundreds) during the entire planning process. ¬†And even that was only a difference of opinion and resolved quickly. ¬†The rest of the planning went so smoothly it really did feel like ESP. ¬†More than once one of us would say something that the other had just thought. ¬†It really is an amazing feeling to design with someone who “gets” you!

Our original models were perfect for our original shoot idea. ¬†But once the look of the shoot was changed so dramatically, we had to look elsewhere. ¬†We simply didn’t have time to find a “groom,” but we were extremely lucky to find the perfect “bride.” ¬†Of course I’ve known her for an awfully long time. ¬†Because she’s my sister. ūüôā ¬†We started to discuss what look we wanted and I realized she fit it perfectly. ¬†So I asked if she was available that day, for fun photos in a pretty dress with professional hair and makeup. ¬†Who could pass up a proposition like that? ūüėČ

Of course Desiree would provide the OMG!AMAZING! florals.

She and I also spent much of the week leading up to the shoot shopping for just the right pieces to use for the shoot itself, including the fantastic¬†fabric we used for runner, accents, and napkins. ¬†Desiree also found the plastic horse figurines used at each place setting, and spray painted them purple to match our colors. ¬†I have to admit I was a bit skeptical (this was actually the point of disagreement; I voted for gold paint!), but she stuck to her guns. ¬†And I’m SO glad she did. ¬†They brought the perfect element of unexpected whimsy!

Since we didn’t have a lot of time to plan, it was a long shot to get any fashion. ¬†We actually went to a few thrift stores but couldn’t find what we liked. ¬†So I took the chance and contacted FreePeople Clothing. ¬†It was¬†the day before the shoot when I got an e-mail from the Director of Marketing asking if we were still interested. ¬†WERE WE????

I drove up to the nearest store (a 40 minute drive) that evening, after grabbing a few last finds from a thrift store and stopping by Classy Covers to pick up tablecloths. ¬†And the store manager and her staff could not have been nicer. ¬†Seriously, what an excellent find! ¬†The dress we chose had literally just arrived on the shelves. ¬†It fit our shoot to a “T”, not to mention our model. ¬†She loved it so much that she bought it!

Her fabulous shoes were another find.  After Desiree and I searched high and low for the perfect pair, our model stumbled upon them at Kohls!

The jewelry came from a variety of sources. ¬†But the big center necklace with the purple stone belonged to my grandma Noni. ¬†She was so stylish! ¬†The “engagement ring” is an Alexandrite from my great aunt.

Of course, outdoor settings don’t come with rentals in place. ¬†Since we were at Pioneer Park, we basically had an open slate. ¬†Desiree and I had a quite a few pieces, but Abbey Party Rentals filled out the rest, including the¬†amazing amber glass goblets.

The incredible Ashley of Unbridled Beauty (whose logo is next up on my “to-blog” list!) had no good place to work. ¬†Without power or mirrors, she rolled up her sleeves and started doing our model’s hair and makeup – in the car and in a chair outside! ¬†But the results? ¬†STUNNING.

We also enlisted the services of Nicki of Calculated Whisk and Jessica of Sweeter by the Dozen, to make us cake balls and an unfrosted layer cake, respectively.  Without much direction (and both dealing with tough mental and physical weeks), they demonstrated that they truly are both artists!  (Side note: I actually designed both of their logos too!)

I spent much of our setup time perched on a ladder. ¬†I should mention that I’m not such a big fan of heights. ¬†But ribbons, frames, and Moroccan lanterns don’t hang themselves. ¬†And this? ¬†This was worth it.

Stationery was our biggest road bump. ¬†We had actually talked with two separate up-and-coming stationery designers, both of whom agreed to design our pieces and both of whom backed out. ¬†With just five days before the shoot, we realized that if I didn’t design the stationery, we wouldn’t have any. ¬†So I started designing. ¬†I stayed up late, got up early, and pretty much didn’t leave my computer. ¬†My printer did a super-rush job for me (thank you so much Derek!). ¬†Like every other part of the shoot, though, the design just flowed. ¬†I have to say that I think that this is my favorite stationery set that I’ve done to date. ¬†I adore it. ¬†Every part.

I can’t say enough how much I love the stationery. ¬†And I can’t believe I designed it in such a short amount of time!

The overall look of the shoot was really whimsical, incredibly gorgeous, and quite unified. ¬†I’m extremely proud of it, and of all the fantastic vendors who worked with us to create such a magical shoot!

I can’t help it… ¬†I need to show more photos!!!

Purple and Gold Boho Glam Inspiration Shoot 01*28*2012 Details:

The Amazing Desmond’s First Birthday Party!!!

Sometimes you meet people and you just know you’re going to be excellent friends with them. ¬†It was that way the first time I met Desiree of Penny Blooms Floral Design. ¬†I can hardly believe it was just two months before this incredible party! ¬†This is a very photo-heavy post… ¬†But it’s worth it because these photos by Lindsey Gage of Eyelet Images are totally worth drooling over!!!!

Circus Birthday Party, Photo by Lindsey Gage

Desiree’s son Desmond celebrated his first birthday at the end of August. ¬†When you’re the son of an event professional, your birthday party is sure to be a blast! ¬†Sure enough, Desiree’s amazing creativity shone through each and every bit of this gorgeously styled outdoor event, from the handpainted circus elephant cupcake tower topper to the multicolored fabric streamers decorating the tents to the popcorn box “vases.” ¬†I was honored to be print materials designer and to assist Desiree with setup, coordination, and styling!

The Birthday Boy!

It all started with the circus idea. ¬†When Desiree approached me about doing invitations for the party, I asked her if she’d rather have a cutesy or modern/edgy vibe. ¬†She chose modern/edgy, so I worked on a text-heavy invitation that captured perfectly the whimsy and creativity we were going for (if I do say so myself!). ¬†Designers are always cautioned to stick to no more than 2 to 3 fonts in a single page, but I had far too much fun mixing and matching, and threw caution to the wind. ¬†I love it!

"Come One, Come All, for One Night Only, the Amazing Desmond Will Astound and Mystify You!"

The Amazing Desmond!

Of course the party wouldn’t have been as stunning without thoughtful details provided by Penny Blooms Floral Design! ¬†She even had a ball pit and a mini big top, along with a photo booth area for the grownups!

Handpainted elephant by Penny Blooms Floral Design

Peanut boxes

Popcorn box

Handmade PLAY blanket

"Popcorn" Floral Arrangement by Penny Blooms

Ringmaster Suit in the Ball Pit

Favors in Pop Corn Bags

Photo Booth (can you spot my piece?)

I couldn’t resist bringing along a few of my favorite items too:

Vintage Brass Carousel Music Box (in my inventory at Events by Elisa!)

Handmade Photo Booth Props from Events by Elisa's Etsy Shop!

The food was provided by the incredible Jason. ¬†He’s currently working on his catering business name (I’ll post it when it’s official!) but I’ve got to tell you that this guy is worth checking out. ¬†I can’t wait to share when he’s ready to take on clients, because ¬†in addition to being a really nice guy, his food was fabulous!

Pasta Salad with Printed Materials by Events by Elisa

Cupcakes and cake pops were provided by Nikki at Calculated Whisk.  She even made gluten-free flourless cupcakes (which totally made my day)!  And they were soooo good.

Cupcakes by Calculated Whisk

Cupcakes by Calculated Whisk

Lion and Popcorn Cake Pops by Calculated Whisk

Nicki also made a spectacular smash cake just for Desmond!

Elephant Smash Cake by Calculated Whisk

In addition to designing the invitations, I designed a bunch of additional signage for the party.  Like these:

The Amazing Desmond sign for his high chair

High Chair sign by Events by Elisa

Soda Sign by Events by Elisa

And this was probably my favorite sign to design:

Thank You Sign by Events by Elisa

Of course I can’t have a first birthday post without some cake smashing photos!

Cake Smashing Begins!

This is FUN!

Tasting the Fondant Elephant

Tiny Fingers!


THANK YOU Desiree for letting me be a part of your handsome son’s special day, and thank you to all the amazing vendors we worked with!

Thank You!

Get This Hat Offa Me! :)