Modern Rustic Snow White Inspiration Shoot

This post is long overdue.  Like, more than a year.

Yeah, sorry…  That happened last year. :/

Anyway, I’m trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon.  Starting here.  With one of my favorite photo shoots I’ve done to date.  My Modern Rustic Snow White Inspiration Shoot from June 2012!

This shoot grew out of the Inspired Bridal Bowl table that Desiree of Penny Blooms Floral Design and I did together.  We played with moss and wood, added in some pops of white and red, and created a fun and whimsical look.  Of course, we had to step it up once we made it a “proper” photo shoot.  So we called on a little help from our friends. 🙂

We had no less than ten wedding vendors, a fantastic venue, and a couple of amazing boutiques involved in this shoot, plus a couple of seriously gorgeous models.  Throw in perfect San Diego weather, and  I guess it’s no wonder that this shoot has been featured on, Every Last Detail, and San Diego Style Weddings!

Melissa Biador snapped these exquisite photographs, and Porcelain Rose Productions filmed the day (linked at the end)…  And what a day it was…

Nic.Roc.Designs created some AMAZING stationery (including this fabulous wooden invitation!).






And of course we had a sweets buffet replete with goodies, from the INSANELY beautiful cake (OMG mini frames!) by Hey There, Cupcake!




To the apple cake pops and cake ball gems by Calculated Whisk



To the marbled macarons by La Reine des Macarons


To the delectable (and beautiful!) apple pie pops and mini mason jar pies from Wicked Spoon!





Of course, putting it all together was fun…



Then of course there were Desiree’s florals.  Seriously, Penny Blooms Floral Design is one of my favorite vendors for a variety of reasons…  But one of the biggest is because she isn’t afraid to play around with different ideas, try different things, go out on a limb, and be downright creative.  We always talk about creativity and innovation in our business, but Desiree consistently does it.  And pushes me to, as well. 🙂










Then we have the flawless makeup and hair by Blush Makeup Artistry and Beth Whitfield:



And the ombre dress – absolute perfection – from Bliss Bride:



And our handsome groom’s suit, from A Better Deal Designer Tuxedo and Suit Rentals:



Of course, our models – Taylor and Ben – aren’t too shabby either.





Scratch that.  They are gorgeous!!!!!!





We hung frames and mirrors from the trees…


And cut slits into apples to use as place card holders…


Didn’t skimp out on details…








And even had a little play acting at the end…IMG-1


Ooh, you can see the edge of her phenomenal dress in this shot! 😉

At the end of the day, we were just seriously blessed by all the stunning pieces to this photo shoot.  This is still one of my very favorite projects I’ve gotten to work on.  Ever.


We’ve been trying to get the same team back together for another round…  But due to unfortunate timing it hasn’t worked out.  Cross your fingers for a second fairy tale fabulous photo shoot!

Oh yes…  And don’t forget to check out the film!!!!

Snow White: Rustic Styled Shoot from Porcelain Rose Productions on Vimeo.

Modern Rustic Snow White Inspiration Shoot Vendor Credits:

Events by Elisa in PRINT! Our Snow White Shoot Featured in San Diego Style Weddings!!!

Ok, with everything that happened last week I didn’t have a chance to share my other piece of news.  This one’s pretty amazing too.

I’ve been published in my first magazine!!!!  Now, obviously *I* am not the only one responsible for this amazing shoot (which, again, I promise to share in more detail here!), and, actually I worked very closely with Desiree of Penny Blooms Floral Design to make it gorgeous.  There are some INCREDIBLE vendors that gave their all too!  But still, it was thrilling to see my business name and the work I am so proud to have done in a magazine!

We got a whole page spread of photographs, beautifully taken by Melissa Biador!  (And special thanks to Nikki of Calculated Whisk for sharing this photo – I have my copy of the magazine but keep forgetting to take a photo of the spread!). 🙂

Check it out in the huge 25th Anniversary San Diego Style Weddings magazine (available on newsstands NOW!). 🙂

Snow White Shoot Featured on Every Last Detail!

I’ve got to catch up on blogging my own shoots and weddings… But in the mean time, I’m being featured all over the place!!! 🙂  I’m SO thrilled to announce that our Rustic Modern Snow White inspiration shoot (no, it still hasn’t been blogged here, but I promise it will be soon!), photographed by Melissa Biador Photography, is featured today on Every Last Detail!  I have to admit that ELD is probably my favorite wedding blog to read (if you follow me on Facebook you’ll notice I do a lot of linking to Lauren’s posts).  I was SO thrilled to find out that we were going to be featured!!!

And there is no shortage of gorgeous on the blog today, including the utter fabulosity of the florals by Penny Blooms Floral Design (just… wow), custom stationery by Nic.Roc. Designs, custom cake by Hey There, Cupcake! (seriously…  I about fell over when I saw it), as well as the marbled macarons by La Reine des Macarons, the apple pie pops by Wicked Spoon, and the apple cake pops and gemstone cake balls by Calculated Whisk!  Lauren even posted a link to the behind-the-scenes video by Porcelain Rose Productions!

I am so happy our hard work (and over 9 months of planning!) paid off with this gorgeous shoot! 🙂  I swear I’ll blog it soon! 😉  Check out the whole shoot feature on Every Last Detail!!! <3!

What I’ve Been Up To Lately…

June was an extremely busy month for me (spilling into the first day of July).  I’ve got three more events happening in the next several weeks but I thought that on this beautiful holiday I might share a little taste of what I’ve been involved with over the last month!!!  Three styled shoots (including stationery for two) and two weddings (including programs for one and all the stationery for the other) meant a ton of work and very little time off.  But look at the gorgeous results!!!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday – I’m off to spend the day with friends and my husband.  Be safe!!!

What I've Been Up To!

Photo credits:

La Reine des Macarons

I wasn’t really planning to start this category of post…  But I’ve just got so very many vendor friends that I have to start sharing them with you.  I actually have a bit of a backlog of people I want to share, but I’ll start with the first one I’ve met, first.  Oh – and absolutely no money changed hands, this isn’t an advertising or tit-for-tat thing, or anything…  Grace shared something nice with me and I’d like to share it with you.  End of story. 🙂

In March I approached Grace of La Reine des Macarons about her pricing, thinking perhaps we’d be able to add them to the sweets buffet at Michelle + Dave’s wedding (which will hopefully blogged very soon!).  And I am so glad I did.

We didn’t end up using Grace’s services for the wedding, but she and I have kept in contact via e-mail, and she approached me just after Easter, wondering if I’d like a sample left over from her Easter orders.  Would I???

I don’t know if I’ve said this before on my blog, but I’ve been dealing with a variety of tummy issues.  If I coordinate your wedding, I’ll quietly let the catering staff know; most of them are extremely accommodating of my requests (they’re not too weird; I suspect xanthan and guar gum first and foremost, with gluten being another culprit).  Anyway, I haven’t really been able to indulge in many sweets at my weddings or events since discovering that gluten hit my stomach wrong.

But macarons are gluten free.

Made with almond flour and egg whites, macarons are little sandwich cookies that are the in thing right now.  They look killer on a wedding dessert display, make great favors, and just taste good.  But they are

I’ve ordered macarons twice before, for events.  The first time they turned out lovely (I *think* they were made in-house at the caterers for the gala I coordinated back in 2007).  The second time?  My client didn’t want to pay very much.  I won’t give the name of the bakery – needless to say, they were not a hit.  Flat, lumpy, too-sweet, burned, and filled with a thin gel.  It’s no wonder that most of them were left on the plate.

Grace’s macarons are nothing like those.

They are a work of art.  High “feet” (the rough part underneath the dome of each cookie), crisp shells with a slightly chewy interior, filled with the perfect amount of filling (in this case, I got a dulce de leche filled with caramel cream and a black forest cake filled with chocolate).  Full disclosure: Grace gave me these macarons at no charge.  She wanted me to be able to talk about them to my couples.  But she didn’t even think to ask me to blog them.  I wanted to.  Because they are just too incredible not to share.

Grace can make standard-sized macarons in a variety of flavor combinations – just listening to them was making my head spin.  And she can make them in any color you want.  This, my friends, is pretty rare in San Diego.  The few places that make really good (read: not lumpy and burnt) macarons typically make them in just a few colors/flavors.  Grace told me that she could tint them to match any wedding decor, and even decorate them with gold lustre dust!

Photo from La Reine des Macarons website

But standard macarons aren’t all that Grace does.  She actually brought my two in pretty packaging, all dressed up to be wedding favors.

Photo from La Reine des Macarons website

And with them she brought a special treat: a miniature macaron “cake,” a slightly flatter and chewier version of her normal macarons (made with some marzipan mixed into the almond flour/egg mixture – yum!) filled with a thick layer of fresh raspberries and buttercream.  I was in heaven eating it (I shared it, and the cookies, with my husband!) – this is the perfect combination of tart and sweet.  I am very tempted to ask for this as my birthday cake this year!

Photo from La Reine des Macarons website

Not only were the products incredibly good, but Grace was incredibly nice too.  I can’t wait for our coffee date – I think I’ve made a new friend! 🙂

Photos from La Reine des Macarons website, used with permission.

Edited on 05/07 to add: I apparently screwed up on my description of the cake…  It’s filled with BAVARIAN CREAM.  Which is totally delectable!!!!  Sorry Grace! :/