The McAwesome Wedding Featured in The New York Times and on Good Morning America!

Last week The New York Times ran a story about a fun new trend in weddings – ROBOTS! – and I am thrilled to say that the McAwesome Wedding was featured!!

If you remember my original blog post from a couple of years ago, Neva is one of my best friends, and I was a bridesmaid in her unconventional but oh-so-fun wedding in July 2011.  I also got to work with her to design a wedding look that was truly THEM.  From my original post:

Their wedding day was one year to the day after their first date.  Their wedding decor was inspired by the 1960s Peter Sellers classic The Party.  Their colors were “the colors of the sunset.”  The groom wore orange pajamas, a Chinese-patterned smoking jacket, and a fez.  Their wedding feast was cooked entirely by their family and friends.

Oh yes, and they got married by a robot.

Father Emiglio, the Robot Officiant!

Friends, meet Father Emiglio, robot officiant extraordinaire.  He started life as an Italian child’s toy.  Neva found him in a thrift store and brought him home.  Rob made him…

Well, McAwesome of course.

With a fresh coat of paint and an incredibly complex and hilariously funny program, Father Emilgio moved, spoke, lit up, and played “The Final Countdown.”  He interacted with the bride and groom.  There were incredible extras like R2D2′s beeps.  This robot was amazing.

Of course it’s not legal in California to get married by a robot, so he had a little help from a minister friend of the couple’s, minister Eric Sherman.  But really?  They were married by a robot.

And of course, that is what got the attention of The New York Times.  There is footage of Father Emiglio in the video segments for both The Times and Good Morning America, and an interview with the McAwesomes in the written article too.  Hmmm…  I wonder whose traditional wedding Neva could be talking about being “turned off” by? 😉  Probably someone who makes a cameo – cracking up in an orange dress – in the video.  😉

I am just SO thrilled for these two crazy kids.  They run The Octocorn Network (on Facebook and YouTube – named after a mythical unicorn-octopus hybrid – and if you like Father Emiglio you probably will love their other work!) and really ARE this awesome.

I mean, McAwesome. 😉