My Work Featured on Nicole’s Classes Blog!

Last month I took Typography 101 at Nicole’s Classes.  While I’ve been designing printed materials and stationery for quite a while, the class was well-priced and I figured it would be a fun refresher.  Plus, any time I’ve taken a formal class, even for something I use on a regular basis, it’s helped me to streamline my processes!  We had several different projects to complete, but this one was my favorite, and my teacher Melanie’s (of Fifth & Hazel) too!

The prompt was to use the wording given to us and only to use typographical elements…  I had a little fun. 😉

The varying sizes and alignments were a huge hit – and I love that it’s unexpected and modern.  I’m loving the use of the lower- and upper-case elements too, and I’m SO proud of this piece.

You can see my work, along with some of the other favorites from the class, at Nicole’s Classes’ blog!