My First Featured Original Artwork!

For anyone who’s seen my invitation/program designs in the past, they’ve been sort of basic.  Pretty and clean, but I tended to take elements that already existed and put them together.  I have some excellent sources of free-for-commercial-use vectors, and have purchased others.  Recently I’ve begun manipulating my original photography to create images that I use on printed materials like these:

You might be able to just make out the image of the antique clock face in the background of this design; it's a photo of my husband's grandfather clock!

I took the photo of this poppy last year, and manipulated it using Photoshop and Illustrator

But for my friend and May bride’s bridal shower, I wanted to do something very special.  So I custom-designed a graphic for her bridal shower to go with the fabulous peacock theme I’m planning for her.

The first attempt at designing went okay, and I like the feathers:

My first attempt! Not bad, but not great...

But I decided that I wanted an art deco feel and a monochromatic invitation.  So I redid it.  I LOVE the elegant lines!

My second peacock - I LOVE the lines of the neck and head, and the feathers are gorgeous!

The finished product:

My very own artwork!

I’m so excited to send them out tomorrow!!!