My Pinterest Obsession

Do you pin?

I do…  Pretty much constantly.

If you haven’t used Pinterest yet, and you’re planning a wedding or party, decorating a home or a kid’s room, or just plain like pretty things (and who am I kidding?  Of course you do!)… You need to check this out!

Events by Elisa on Pinterest!

I have boards for design ideas, crafting projects, and past and upcoming events, home design, future kids, and cooking.  Business and personal boards, all organized and pretty.  All my favorite things in one place.  I add my favorite photos from each of my real parties too.  Oh yes, I love Pinterest.  It’s free to use, easy, and super addictive.  Oh, and if you need an invitation, I can send one along!

If you are already using Pinterest…  Why haven’t we connected yet?

Check me out at

By the way this was a completely unsponsored post.  I just really *really* like Pinterest!

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